New User Interfaces Section on the official docs

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Hi all,

I have at last added a whole new section in the documentation for everything related to UIs: mostly the main UI, but also others (i.e. sitemaps, HABPanel and the mobile apps have been migrated there).

So you’ll find:

From the components reference index above you can access a description page for every component. These pages are currently entirely pre-generated by a script; so when there are more components added, or their configuration properties change, the index page and the individual components pages will be updated. However, outside these clearly identified generated sections - between comments, see here for explanations - it’s perfectly possible to edit the files from their Markdown source, including directly on GitHub, and contributions are welcome. (I’m just realizing the “Edit on GitHub” links are missing, not sure why, I’ll find a way to restore them.)

This will allow us to expand the articles on particular critical components (like oh-repeater) with:

  1. a detailed introduction on what the component is for, when to use it, or equally important, when not to use it (and e.g. use the related f7-* component instead);
  2. a screenshot of what it looks like by default;
  3. whether it’s a wrapper to a underlying component;
  4. examples of use, the more the better!

So I believe there’s still a lot of work, but now that the basic infrastructure is in place, I hope we can come up with usable docs for the UI in the foreseeable future…?!



Great job! Thank You. I was wondering if it’s possible to name slots that can be used on components like after, media, … ?