New version of DynamoDB persistence - testing needed

Hi all,

Looking for volunteers to the new major revision of the DynamoDB persistence addon. Only for openHAB 3.0.0 release.

Main enhanchements

  • full support for Number items with dimension, i.e. numbers with units (QuantityType). This avoid issues like this reported for rrd4j when it did not have support
  • support for storing Group items
  • New more optimized table schema bringing more efficient AWS resource utilization. The new table schema also supports DynamoDB Time to Live functionality (configured with parameter expireDays) to delete old data automatically.

Backwards compatibility is provided: (quoting github PR)

Under the hood changes

  • Transition to AWS SDK v2 from the legacy SDK. All operations are asynchronously executed for minimal resource consumption. Clear timeouts in the new SDK should prevent any long-hanging requests.

Download and installation instructions here
PR @ Github for full details
README – refer to this on details regarding legacy and new table schemas.

This has been merged to main and be part of next release.