New version of Fakro ARZ shutter

Hey Folks,

it’s my first post here, I’m fairly new and still learning rules and technology.

So, I’m a happy owner of FAKRO ARZ Z-Wave shutter, but it seems to be an upgraded version of the previous model as it has different ID:

0085:0003:0111 ID instead of 0085:0002:0002

So, it’s not there yet in the database.

If that was the only single change, I’d go for adding additional ID into the definition and I’d stop there. But, it also specifies higher motor class:


From what I have found out (, devices which support C class feature position awareness, which is really cool imo.

I was trying to create a new device in DB, but it turned out I have updated existing one by mistake.

I’d attach OpenHAB generated XML, but I can’t as I’m new user on the forum, so here it is:

Please advise.

We could differentiate this with the firmware version, yours is 1.1.
The question is if SPECIFIC_TYPE_CLASS_C_MOTOR_CONTROL is backword compatible with SPECIFIC_TYPE_CLASS_B_MOTOR_CONTROL so we could just add your device type and id and change the existing database entry to SPECIFIC_TYPE_CLASS_C_MOTOR_CONTROL (like you already did)
@chris, do you know it those classes are backward compatible?

The classes don’t really matter too much - they aren’t used in the database, so, if that was the only change, then we can use the existing database entry.

The binding doesn’t tend to use device classes at all - what matters is the command classes, and the versions of the command classes that are supported.

Anyway, if there is new functionality, and new channels, or different parameters, then that’s a different story. However, just changing the database isn’t going to add features like “position awareness” - if this isn’t supported in the binding already, then it will need to be added.

I keep my hands off as @chutch is doing changes to the database currently :sunglasses:

Thanks @chris, @sihui. There are some additional classes, which this device supports, like COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM or COMMAND_CLASS_ASSOCIATION. It does provide 3 association groups as well, which are not specified in current definition. I think I’ll go with a separate device in that case.

Yesterday I was trying to modify the existing `arz_0_0.xml file by changing device ID. I rebuilt the project and swapped z-wave Binding JAR. This, however did not update the thing index as I saw the old numbers was still used when I checked in debug mode. What do I need to do to refresh these definitions?

Last question, I’ve just created new device, but I was not sure what should I use for the reference. I couldn’t find any convention and I went with arz2.

And I think we can revert the previous device back to its original state :slight_smile:

One more thing… as I was copy & pasting some parameters from Mobilus EZRS as it seems it’s a bit of a standard for shutters, I’ve encountered weird application error. It seems it is highly inadvisable to open 2 devices for editing as it seems session seems to carry information on what’s being edited and I accidentally added 2 parameters to Mobilus EZRS. I can’t remove params so I would appreciate if you can help.

Interesting. So there are now at least 4 different Fakro ARZ roller shutters:

Manufacturer Label Description Version (Min) Category deviceType deviceId
Fakro ARZ Roller Shutter Module All Blinds 2 2
Fakro ARZ (reported as ZWS12) Roller Shutter (reported as Chain Actuator) All Blinds 3 1
Fakro ARZ 1.1 Roller Shutter Module All after 1.1 Blinds 3 111
Fakro ARZ Solar Roller Shutter All Blinds 3 112

I suppose yours supports Z-Wave plus then?

Yes, it seems so.


It’s a fairly new device, it has been installed 3 months ago.