New version of Z-Wave Device Devolo MT2792

Hi Openhab community,

new here and hope you can help me to add a new version of thing Devolo metering plug MT2792 to thing database.
I have bought a Devolo MT2792 and it was added to Z-Wave Controller as “unknown”.
After any checks I am sure having the same device (Picture etc.) found in z-wave device database as devolo_mt2792_0_0.json.
I compared the manufacturer id and type and found different values:

in database:
|Manufacturer |Devolo|
|Manufacturer ID |0175|
|Name |MT02792|
|Device Description |Home Control Metering Plug|
|Category |Power Outlet|
|References (Type:Id) |0001:0012|

and in XML-File from unknown device:

manufacturer 0x147
deviceId 0x2
deviceType 0x400

I’m pretty sure that is the same device probably from an other manufacturer but stated as “Devolo” on package.

How can I make this device to recognize by openhab?



Are you using a Razberry board?
At least the data match a Razberry controller:

Thanks, yes I’m using a Razberry board. Is was found as Z-Wave Serial Controller (zwave:serial_zstick:9188ab60) without any problems.
I don’t know why this 0400:0002 device is found in addition instead of the correct MT2792 device?

Each node (including the controller) has its own xml file.
So what we need is the xml for your MT2792 device. If no xml has been generated you need to find out if inclusion was successful. The device is in the database:

Inclusion is not succesful. Is it possible to add xml-file manually?
Here is the xml created by openhab:

network_55555555__node_2.xml (1.8 KB)

That does not help, because all your data (manufacturer, device type and id) are showing


You need to properly include the device. If it is a battery device wake it up manually (check the manual which button has to be pressed)

Thank you for reply. This is my problem. This XML-file was created by include procedure after set the device in include mode. There ist no identification as (in fact) MT2792 even if it is included in device database . The node id of controller is 1 and of device 2. Why is this happen?

Either you did not wake up the device, did not include the device the proper way, or the device is too far away from the controller.
As long as you have the 0x7fffffff you are out of luck.

like described in device database and documentation I pressed the button 3 times. Then the device LED is blinking indicating include mode. The device is about 1m from Raspberry Pi with Razberry Controller.
The device is found as “zwave node 002” Unknown Device
“You are about to add a new thing Z-Wave Node 002 (zwave:device:22e7e4b6:node2) from the inbox.”
I dont know what to do further.

I would factory reset the device and start inclusion again. According to the manual the device is in auto inclusion mode for 2 minutes after plugged in, so you don’t have to push any buttons.
Just put the binding into inclusion mode.

Did all of your suggestions but no success. I give up for now and try to include device to another controller. Thanks