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Hi Everyone -

My son has started to show an interest in home automation so I have started making some youtube content again. I just did a video on Home Assistant and we are going to work on one for openHAB - let me know what topics you would like to see!

Check out my new video - I know its Home Assistant, subscribe to the channel so that youtube starts to like me again - I think its mad at me for not posting in so long! :slight_smile:


I enjoy your videos. I’m thrilled you are back!

I don’t know that age of your son but if he’s on the younger side, some kid friendly projects would be awesome. I’ve just started giving my 10-year-old some tools to control his lights and program some capabilities using Blockly (Scratch like programming).

And of course, OH has changed a lot since your last video on it.


Same here. For my 10 year old I spun up a second OH container connected to the main system by a modified MQTT bus so that he has full access to the OH interface but limited available items and can break (almost) nothing. But I’m sure he’d love to have some OH projects and advice that weren’t from :roll_eyes:Dad :roll_eyes:


I’m also excited to have you back. I was just a few days away from contacting you on YouTube to suggest creating a new video about OH.

I’ve noticed there aren’t many videos available that showcase the full capabilities of the “new” MainUI, particularly for basic users.

You could also express your point of view what has improved since your last videos.

I’m sure you’ve also got great ideas in mind and looking forward to watching the videos!

Hi Bill,

Just want to say I enjoyed your takes and videos as well.

We had an openHAB stand at FOSDEM - the biggest free software conference in the world - where the question that was overall most asked to us was “how does it compare to Home Assistant” or “why choose it over Home Assistant”.

We have a few strong points: like, we the openHAB Foundation, offer the openHAB Cloud for free even to non-members, and we are not involved in the development itself; Home Assistant is at least in my personal view a freemium product now, that pretty much ties you to the for-profit Nabu Casa company.

There are a few technical features (e.g., the semantic model) that make openHAB stand out too.

It’s all good though, openHAB was around when Home Assistant wasn’t even usable, and it will stay around, but I’m concerned by the opensource home automation scene becoming a monoculture.



It would be an interesting video to see someone show off little areas of openHAB, in a short format of ‘this is what it is and looks like’. Maybe using Blockly to do 1 or 2 rules. The purpose would be 2 fold. 1. I can learn from it as I have never used it (probably won’t as I prefer text rules) but I would like to know a little more about it. 2. Shows Home Assistant users what Blocky is all about.

I dont know how old your son is, but having a younger person showcase how easy it can be to implement graphic based rules would be a good watch.


Thanks everyone! I have been working on a new setup of openHAB and some videos to go along with it - I always enjoy going back and forth trying different technologies - sometimes the setup and discovering new features is the best part.

Please keep the suggestions coming - my son is helping on the filming side, but hopefully i can get him on camera soon! :slight_smile:

I just posted another new one today - not openHAB yet - but working on it!


Also let us know if you run into any trouble or don’t fully understand something. Even if you were not creating videos, we hate to see people get frustrated on something that could be cleared up within a few minutes of posting a question.

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