New Weather Underground binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB2

(Peter) #83

same error here :frowning:
every second request fails. anyone?

(Lolodomo) #84

For information, I deleted the binding from the marketplace as it is now included in the official Eclipse Smarthome distributions and included in openHAB since the version 2.2.

(Lolodomo) #85

For all users having communication errors, please enable the DEBUG logs for the binding, it should help to identify what is the error.
log:set DEBUG org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.weatherunderground

(Lolodomo) #86

For information, I just submitted a code change that introduce new channels containing the icon key:

(Lolodomo) #87

I proposed another enhancement to provide the channel pressureTrend:

(Scott Rushworth) #88

Excellent… thank you! If you’re looking for some more, hourly forecast (specifically, I’d like current precip %) and weather alerts would be great to have in the binding!

(TechnoVol) #89

If I currently have this binding installed, how do I upgrade to the new code that helps fix the…

“‘weatherunderground:weather:241f43f2’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): An error occurred while running the Weather Underground request.”


(Lolodomo) #90

As requested in the git issue, I need you enable DEBUG log to understand what is this communication error.

(Christian) #91

I have Debug enabled and this is what I am seeing in the log, I fear it doesn’t help much. This happens on every second request and the error is always the same (TimeoutExcption)

2018-02-14 07:25:38.141 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - URL =,X.xxxx.json
2018-02-14 07:26:08.146 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Error running Weather Underground request: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
2018-02-14 07:26:08.157 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel current#observationTime with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.159 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'weatherunderground:weather:local' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): An error occurred while running the Weather Underground request.
2018-02-14 07:26:08.160 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel current#temperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.163 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel current#relativeHumidity with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.169 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel current#pressure with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.173 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel current#feelingTemperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.177 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel current#icon with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.180 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastToday#conditions with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.183 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastToday#minTemperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.186 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastToday#maxTemperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.191 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastTomorrow#forecastTime with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.194 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastTomorrow#conditions with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.197 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastTomorrow#minTemperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.201 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastTomorrow#maxTemperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.213 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastDay2#forecastTime with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.219 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastDay2#minTemperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.232 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel forecastDay2#maxTemperature with state UNDEF (null)
2018-02-14 07:26:08.417 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - gl_WeatherLastUpdate changed from 2018-02-14T07:15:08.065+0100 to 2018-02-14T07:26:08.189+0100
2018-02-14 07:26:08.444 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - gl_WeatherLastUpdate changed from 2018-02-14T07:26:08.189+0100 to 2018-02-14T07:26:08.388+0100

(Lolodomo) #92

Ok so apparently the service is not always available to you.
Timeout for requests is set to 30 seconds which is already very high I think.

(Lolodomo) #93

Are you using a WiFi connection ?
Maybe you have network problems like internet not available sometimes not available ?

(Lolodomo) #94

We can see the 30 seconds delay in the 2 first lines in your logs.

(TechnoVol) #95

I’m having this exact same issue. I have a Personal Weather Station in Weather Underground. I use the binding to pull data into OH2 using the Weather Underground API. My OH2 is running on a wired connection.

(rbausdorf) #96

Weatherunderground has API outages from time to time.

(Christian) #97

I don’t think it has to do with API outages, as there is a strict pattern for the failures. Every second attempt fails, no matter how often those requests are made. I tried different values for the refresh interval, result is always the same.
I am not using a WIFI connection.

(Lolodomo) #98

I have no errors of this kind in my logs.
Sorry but I have no idea why WU rejects half of your requests. What refresh value did you set ? How many WU things did you create ?

(Lolodomo) #99

Please note rhat all my changes implemented last weekend should be now included in snapshot 1212. I will confirm when I am at home.

(TechnoVol) #100

@Lolodomo… what is the procedure to update to the latest version of the WU binding? I’ll give it a try. Thanks

(Lolodomo) #101

I can confirm that new channels iconKey and pressureTrend are available in openHAB snapshot 1212.

If you want the new version of the binding, you need to move to this snapshot.

(Christian) #102

I have only one thing with 11 items. My current refresh value is 10 minutes, but as I said I tried several other values to no avail. I know, it’s strange, but it seems that I’m not the only one with that problem.