New web interface connected to openHab (for touch screen tablet)


I recently decided to play with the openHab API as I wanted a touchscreen tablet to control my house but could not find what I was looking for with HABPanel.
So, I started doing my own interface connected to the API. The source code is available here :

I originally did not plane to release it but if some of you want to try/test/play with it, feel free to :slight_smile:

However, It is a work in progress (only tested with openHab installed on my Raspberry Pi and on my Nexus 9 tablet) and only a few widgets are available for now :

  • lights (with advanced settings such as color, brightness and Saturation)
  • Simple value display
  • Switch (on / off)
  • button (to send only 1 value)

Here is a video of what it does so far :

The layout is configurable through json : rooms, devices and widget positions.
Some widget are configurable : icon, color, etc but comes with default design.

Here are some screenshots of the interface :

The home screen with the rooms list

A room page with 4 area : top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. You can add widgets in each areas

The config dashboard screen (mainly for debug purpose) where you can see live json configuration and event logs.

Note: The interface is inspired by the Calaos project. I also reused their background and room images :slight_smile:


Nice work! It’s always nice to see alternative user interfaces.

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Very good!!!
Have you made any other changes / implementations?