New z-wave device needed and existing device to be renamed

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But in the devices themselves, it seems to be the same… The one that is missing in the 12 command class version is the BASIC command class which neither report in their NIF that they support… The ZWave alliance site is not a reliable reference.

At the end of the day, I don’t mind renaming the devices - so long as everything is consistent in the end. Another option is to delete the current one and add both :wink: (when I delete an entry, it is not really deleted - just marked deleted, so we can get it back).

Let me know what you prefer.

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For most things I usually lean towards deleting and starting fresh to remove any legacy errors. I’m not sure how much the database schema has changed over the years, but given that there are approved devices which have errors I’m guessing you’ve made some improvements since the entry was added. :wink:

Not really - I increased the error level to try and enforce a higher level of quality. Eg I now won’t approve devices unless people fill in the overview/inclusion/exclusion information.

The only real change I can think of to the schema is the addition of the category. Again, this is enforced for future updates but there are many devices that don’t have this filled in yet.

Ok. I’m easy, whichever way you think best. I’ll start with editing the existing and adding a new one.


I am new to openhab and z-wave and am setting up my configuration. I have some VRCZ4-M0 4-Zone Controllers and when I try to add them, I am getting a log message:

Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 001D:0702:0261::0.2
Should this device be recognized as a VRCZ4?

It’s in the database here, but the type:id are not there for your device (i.e. 0702:0261)

I’ll update the database. The change won’t be reflected in the binding until Chris does an update.

Are you running a openHAB release or a snapshot build? If a snapshot build, you can update the binding in the Karaf console as described in my post here.

Edit: Wait. That type:id is already associated with a device. Let me look into it further.

Thank you.

I am running a release, so I will have to wait for a an update.

Hmm. That type:id (0702:0261) is already associated with the VRCS4 in the database here.

Are you sure your device is a VRCZ4?

Also, since the type:id is in the DB (but for the VRCS4), the device should be recognized.

I received that log message with that type:id and the documentation says VRCZ4-M0. I just reset everything including my Z-Stick Gen5 and attempted to add the device through the openHab interface (rather than using the button on the USB stick). Now I am getting:

Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 7FFFFFFF:7FFFFFFF:7FFFFFFF::0.0

On the VRCZ4 the first 4 buttons are rocker buttons, versus the VRCS3, which has push buttons. Does yours have the rocker buttons?

I’m not sure why it’s not being discovered.

It has rocker buttons.

Ok, then I think the database might be incorrect.

@chris or @sihui Not knowing how this will affect anyone else, I’m hesitant to move type:id 0702:0261 from the VRCS4 to the VRCZ4. Clearly though, @RichDiedrich has a VRCZ4 (it has the rocker buttons), and the device reported type:id 0702:0261, which currently is associated with the VRCZ4.


Not sure why this would be the case, since it got the manuf:type:id earlier. Let’s see if we can get the DB sorted out first.

I think what I’ve done in the past in such situations is to make the change, but add some references in the comments section so if/when someone complains, we can try and work out how to properly resolve it. Given we have no reference at the moment as to who added these IDs, we can do much else other than use the information that we currently know (ie VRCZ4=0702:0261).

This is indicative of the binding not having initialised the device - probably the device needs to be woken up if it was reinitialised.

Thanks, makes sense. I’ll move 0702:0261 from the VRCS4 to the VRCZ4, and also add a comment to both devices.

I’m pretty sure it’s a mains device. Maybe he should exclude it, factory reset the device, then include again.

Ok, I made the changes to the database…

It could be that the device that wasn’t initializing was flaky. I did try another of my VRCZ4-M0 (rocker switch) devices and it is showing up as 001D:0702:0261::0.2. When I push the rocker switch (both left or right), I get the following messages in the log:

2018-09-21 09:04:39.081 [WARN ] [tocol.commandclass.ZWaveCommandClass] - NODE 11: Unsupported command class REMOTE_ASSOCIATION_ACTIVATE

2018-09-21 09:04:39.088 [WARN ] [tocol.commandclass.ZWaveCommandClass] - NODE 11: Unknown command class 0x91

What does the Thing show in Paper UI or HABmin? It should be showing up as a VRCS4, which is incorrect. I made the change in the DB so that it will discover as a VRCZ4, but that change is not included in the zwave binding yet.

Can you put the binding into debug mode and then post the debug log from when you push a button?

It is showing up as an unknown device. The properties are:

zwave_class_basic STATIC_CONTROLLER
zwave_class_generic REMOTE_CONTROLLER
zwave_frequent false
zwave_neighbours 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,12
zwave_version 0.2
zwave_listening true
zwave_deviceid 609
zwave_nodeid 11
zwave_routing true
zwave_beaming false
zwave_class_specific NOT_USED
zwave_manufacturer 29
zwave_devicetype 1794

I am new to openHAB, can you tell me how to put the binding in debug mode?

It may be showing up as Unknown because, even though it’s in the database, it might not have been in the database when the OH release was built. You’re on 2.3, right? That’s pretty dated at this point (May, I think).

Until you’re running a version of the binding that includes this device, you won’t be able to do anything with it.

There’s a way to switch from an OH release version to a snapshot version, but I don’t know how to do that. There’s also a new release process called milestone builds, which are intended to be a good compromise between full releases and snapshots.

Personally, I run all my OH systems (I have three) on snapshot releases.

As for debug mode, in the karaf console, you would type:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave

To get out of debug mode, you would type:

log:set INFO org.openhab.binding.zwave

You can read about the Karaf console here.

I switched to the snapshot version and it is showing up as VRCS4. Can you tell me when the updated database will be available?

Thank you for all your help.