New Z-Way Binding

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(Matthias Rambow) #261

Your new binding works great, @Wire82 . Thank you!

(Anders Stenberg) #262

Hi! Everything looks great here too. Thank you for great jobs with the binding.

(R. Straub) #263

Hello Wire82,

since I am affected by the same ZWay problem I would like to try out your improved version with OH 2.2. Is the JAR you provide on Github compatible with OH 2.2. If so, what is the preferred method to install it?

Thanks for checking & fixing this problem.


(Johannes Einig) #264

Hi Rene,
Yes the binding is compatible with OH 2.2. Just uninstall the ZWay binding via Paper UI and place the .jar file within the Addons folder of your openHAB installation.
After a few seconds openHAB will detect the binding and install it automatically.
Thank you also for testing the binding.

(Mihai Badea) #265

Running @Wire82 's build for almost a week now… and no problems!
And, indeed, there is a MASSIVE improvement in responsiveness!
Superb work, Johannes! Vielen Dank! :beers:

(R. Straub) #266

Ok, just installed the 2.3 binding. First impression is very good. Controlled devices react much, much faster than before. CPU load around 20% compared to >100% before. I’ll keep you updated regarding stability and performance.

Great job !

(Heiko Fanieng) #267

Now i found the time to set up a test environment with the latest OH-Snapshot and it works very fine :+1:

(Juergen Pechmann) #268

Reinstalled OH 2.2 and the new z-way binding from @wire82 … running very well now
Thanks a lot, great work

(Johannes Einig) #269


Thank you very much for testing the binding. After it seems that everything works well I prepared everything for the PR at OpenHab. The version I want to push can be found here:

So fell free to test the, hopefully, final binding. :slight_smile:


Problems with ZWay in OH 2.2 / Openhabian 1.4
(Alberto V.) #270

I’ve just installed it. With the previous version, I never had a problem.
Does something changed in this version?

(Johannes Einig) #271

Today I did the PR at OpenHab. So let’s see when it gets approved…

Thank you all for testing…!

(Johannes Einig) #272


This is just the clean version I did for the PR. Normally nothing should change for you. I only cleaned the code from various Debug points.


(R. Straub) #273


One week of testing is over. All good so far. Response time still very fast. System properly working.


(Juergen Pechmann) #274

Hi Wire82
also the clean version of you z-way binding run very well since five days, without any problems. Thanks

(R. Straub) #275

Can someone please ping Kai to review the commit. For many user this updates makes the difference between a useless OpenHAB Installation and a well working system.

The reworked binding should be merged ASAP.

Best regards