New Zooz Z-wave Range Extender

Would this be compatible with the the current OpenHab z-wave implementation?

I know the new Zooz controller uses a different API but maybe this is compatible?

Generally speaking, no guarantee, but devices (but NOT the 700 or 800 controllers) are supposed to be backward compatible. Note however, the current binding does not support either S2 or Smart Start and for firmware updates you will need to use the Simplicity Studio

Of course I could use any mains powered device as a repeater but supposedly the 800 series chip has a hotter receiver, and the introductory price is reasonable.
I may try it.

Worth a shot, if you want one (IMO). Will need to add it to the DB.

Is that necessary for a repeater? Once it has joined the network, doesn’t it immediately work as a repeater without the binding knowing anything about it? I agree it should be added because it does have a feature to send a power loss notification and for that it needs to be in the DB. Just curious about it for repeater use only.

The device itself is a ‘beta release’, so be prepared for some trouble …

You could be right (could extend if channels are not needed). I honestly don’t know. However with my need for “neatness” I could not stand having the “unknown device” facing me all the time :wink:

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You are correct. I had a repeater in my network for a while that I did not bother to actually add to OH. As soon as it’s included in the network it will function properly.

If it does have configurable options then you will need to add it as an OH Thing for OH to be able to work with those options.


Received the new device and successfully added it to the network.

I’d like to add it to the database. Can someone remind me where the XML would have been captured?
I’m on OH 3.4.2 running on RPi4

Most likely either openhab-userdata/zwave (if samba) or var/lib/openhab/zwave

found it, thanks

Next problem is getting an error when trying to create a new device in the DB

Please post the XML (you might want to remove your homeId).

I haven’t seen any 800 device xmls, but my guess is that there is a new command class that is not in the binding. You could try to manually erase and then try to reload. Nothing will be lost because it was never going to do anything anyway.

Just for reference:

A firmware update doesn’t seem to be available yet (

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Successfully created a DB entry. Waiting for review

You should add Association Group 1 (Lifeline, see manual).

I created the Lifeline. I guess I need to add the Parameters as well?

Just curious for future situations: Was the XML modified or did it just work the second time?

If there are any, yes.

In addition, you could add options for 0 and 1 to parameters 2, 5, 6 and enable “'Limit to options”:

The XML worked fine once I grabbed the right one!
I’ll go back and revise the parameter section

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