New zwave thing shows up as unknown device

I just installed a Zooz ZEN32 whcih shows up, creates an XML file but shows as unknown device. It’s in the database and someone else here has successfully installed one so I’m lost unless the database needs updating. The new database site says contact someone here, but neglects to say who. So here I post hoping it will be seen by Chris Jackson who I think is the maintainer.

Thanks, ira

Are you using the latest binding? Or to be a bit more precise - what version of the binding are you using? What properties are showing up for the device?

Possibly you have an old version of the binding that doesn’t include this device as it’s quite new.

Well, first off, thanks for being so on top of it. I assume updating Openhab updates the binding which I did this morning. Version shows as 3.02.


Looking in the database that device is only available in the 3.1.0 Milestones.

Unfortunately the snapshot bindings are no longer compatible with OH 3.0.x.

Well thanks, upgrading now.

Thankyou so much, after the upgrade all is well again. It works almost as expected. Just wish I could see the second button press when I press the same small button twice in a row. I doubt that’s a openHab issue so I’ve asked Zooz how to handle the issue.


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