Newbee: OpenHAB3 AVMFritz items now show UNKNOWN

I am on a Raspi 3B+ and running OpenHAB3 (openHABian).

Now my AVMFRITZ items show UNKNOWN under the ‘Things’ section in OpenHAB3 and do not work anymore. In OpenHAB2 I did not have any problems.

I am not so experienced in OpenHAB - can someone tell me what I am missing?


Unfortunately you provide very little information.
How did you create the items? via UI / Inbox after autodiscovery or via text file?
UNKNOWN is often a configuration error.

Hi hare0815,

sorry - my bad. Before I migrated to OpenHAB3 I had OpenHAB2 installed. All Things went well.
Under OpenHAB2 I installed the things using PaperUI and the items using Visual Studio Code and the *.items files.
After migrating to OH3 I have the AVMFRITZ things presented as UNKOWN.
So I don’t believe it is an installation error because the Things worked well under OH2.

If I restart the openhab service frontails shows this:

I already unsinstalled and reinstalled the AVMFRITZ binding - but unfortunately no success.

Thanks for further help.

i compared the picture with my installation an found the following:

  • the identifier of your fritzbox is avmfritz:fritzbox:IP-Number
    (mine too, because added via UI)

The DECT200 device references a number 6981… and not the IP-Number of your fritzbox, mine all do.

Hi @hare0815 ,

thanks, I used OH3 to edit the FritzDect200 thing using the new Code area, to enter the IP-Address as you suggested. But if I hit ‘Save (CTRL-S)’ I get this error:

you have to add the ain-number at the end of the UID!
It should be avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_200:192_168_178_1:087610…, if this is the correct ain-number of the device.

If you add the device via the UI (Things / + / AVM Fritz!Binding / Scan) you don’t have to edit this fields, the binding will create that for you.

Now I deleted the Thing using the new OH3 UI and added the FritzDect200 back.
Now I got this:

And this is ehat frontails says after deleting and adding:

And the ‘thing’ is still presented as UNKNOWN :frowning:

After deleting and re-adding the FritzDect200 like mentioned in my previous post I restarted the OpenHAB-service using:

sudo systemctl restart openhab.service

And now my FritzDect200 is online again - yeeaaahhh

Thanks a lot!