Newbie - Cannot find openhab_default.cfg

Morning all,

I’ve moved over to Openhab2 on my Pi and I’m struggling to find the openhab_default.cfg file.
I’ve combed through the forums and seen a variety of different proposed locations, and I’ve done a recursive search through the following to no avail :

The directory /var/lib/openhab2 has a folder called ‘config’ but its not there. I followed the installation steps for the offline distribution, but I’ve done nothing else other than add a few items to the Paper UI to check everything was working with my Yamaha receiver. Do I just need to download a default config file from somewhere and get cracking? Should it just go in the above config folder?

I tried looking at some of the other docs but they seem to be work in progress - I might contribute some words if i get remote access working!



Hello Rich,
I’ve just added the answer to your question to the openHAB 2 FAQs:

Use to find openHAB 2 documentation.

I guess that explains it, thanks for the swift response!!