Newbie: First time Habmin ZWave Setup with Dimmable Light Bulb LB60Z-1

Hi everyone, I’m new to OpenHab and these forums. Please go easy on me :slight_smile:

The Problem: A ZWave Node doesn’t appear in Habmin yet appears in IMATool and in debug logs.

My Setup: I have an Aeon Gen5 connected to Mac Mini running Openhab 1.8.2. I am in Habmin -> Configuration -> Bindings -> ZWave. I see my USB stick on Node 1 but no other nodes appear. I have a Linear LB60-Z lightbulb paired to the network as Node 3 (sold under the brand name GoControl).

Debug Log and Habmin View:

Am I correct in understanding that the node should appear here even if an Items and Sitemap configuration hasn't been setup yet? Can anybody point me in the right direction of how to resolve this or next steps on where I can look? I googled and already searched all of the OpenHab communities (reddit,, google groups) but could not find this problem.

Also, when I turn off the light and turn it back on. I get the following message in the logs:

EDIT: I checked this morning and now the node appears! Anybody know why it took so long to show up on the network? Is that typical?

Disregard this thread – was able to get everything working.