Newbie gets first error Java 11 body somewhere

I made the error of installing Zulu Java 11 first. After I found that V 8 is what to use I did an uninstall of 11 then, installed Zulu 8 (latest). CMD JAVA-version produced the proper v 8.nnn.
BUT- (after reboot) when I attempted Start.bat it returned “Expecting 11”
Looked in registry but did find it.
It is hiding somewhere…

  • Platform information:
    " * Hardware: _CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage_8GB AMC core2
    • OS: _what OS is used and which version_Win 10 64
    • Java Runtime Environment: _which java platform is used and what version_8-40…
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There’s a JAVA_HOME thingy to check in Windows