Newbie looking to create openHAB switch to reboot RPI running openhabian

Absolute newbie here.

I’ve setup an RPi 3 running openhabian 2.2 on my network and want to create a switch in openHAB so that I don’t need to go to RPi and physically reboot it.

This is my first step after installing openHAB and finding things in Paper. Imagine the maximum degree of explication and hand-holding that might be required, and then assume that’s the case here.

I am really looking forward to learning and promise to pay it forward.

Many thanks in advance

Why is there a need for rebooting the rPi in the first place?
This is not a Windows machine! The rPi is a reliable hardware with a reliable OS. If it needs rebooting the problem lies elsewhere; hence, making it worthwhile to investigate the underlying problem.


I placed a binding for Sony Bravia jar in the openhab2-addons directory but read that to make it available, I had to reboot.

I can only second @Max_G’s comment. There is barely a reason to restart a Linux system… at least not as often that one would need an automation mechanism in openHAB for it.
As for the binding: I don’t know the specifics there and why you would need to restart the Pi for the binding to work but in case of uncertainty you can restart openHAB to go all the way. Restarting the base system will not add anything.

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Could you please link us to the source where it says to restart the Pi?