Newbie Question about logging stuff & receivedEvent.getEvent

Openhabian * Rules related to the issue:
I’ve spend a better part of the day pouring over docs and examples attempting to see why won’t select any case? So I’ve been running from a related issue for some time and that is logging. I’m sort of used to the concept of a console and the old “printf” but I guess we don’t have so we use logs. I’m sure this is a really easy answer, but I just don’t get it. Even after reading all the docs on logs.
I’m able to see events in the /var/events log file and get something similar when I tail from the console. Problem is I can’t seem to send a log entry to anything I can look at and see a value.
For example, I’d like to see if trigevent below is some value. Even seeing I’ve hit the case would be good. I’ve seen where they mention setting a package in log:set, and I tried scripts in rules, but nothing ever shows up for INFO, WARN, DEBUG, etc. Maybe I need to create my own log file and activate it, but don’t see how.

Can someone just tell me how I can get to an equivalent of printf for debugging. I can get to the console, and change debug levels. I’m just thinking all the stuff I see are events and the log* is not going there?

/* hue dimmer switch test */
var string trigevent = receivedEvent.getEvent()
switch (trigevent ) {

        case "1000.2":  {sendCommand(CliffOfc_Wall_Light,100) }

        case "1004.2":  {sendCommand(CliffOfc_Wall_Light,30) }

        case "2004.2":  { sendCommand(CliffOfc_Wall_Light,0) }

You need to use code fences so your config is not mangled.

How to use code fences - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

It looks to me like you are missing a closing brace at the end.

Sounds like you look at events.log
Output from logInfo() goes to openhab.log, which is also useful for config errors and rule syntax errors

thanks, was experimenting I reformed for space when pasting into this blog .