Newbie Samba on Openhabian

Raspberry pi4

In Openhabian what do I need to do to get samba up and running

Using a window 7 to remote access

So do.i just need to alter the workgroup to what I have set on Windows machine?
Then add the raspberry pi to this work group?

You can easily enable the network shares in openhabian-config and that’s it.

So ssh into your RPI and type

sudo openhabian-config

an navigate through the rest. See also the doc here:

Isn’t openhabian set samba up already ,so will I just have to alter confi file to change work group?

Why do that?

No need to change anything by default

Due to on Windows machine and my network ,workgroup is Home

So what? If you type


in your windows explorer you will get asked to username and password. and if you want to change that you can either

  • store the credentials my adding the smb share as a network drive or
  • use openhabian-config to change username/password

Getting this just did a new install of openhabian not changed anything

can you ping this IP?
end check if samba is running:

sudo systemctl status smbd

Yes I have openhabian webpage and can SSH it

Not sure what it means

Me neither. How am I supposed to read something:

check also this:

You are not using Workgroup credentials though. No need to change. just hit by ip address.

As above ,found easy way to update Windows 7 to windows 10 and see above to install SMB 1.0,now got file shares up.