Newbie - windows 10 - mios binding

I have searched the forum but havent found the solution. I have a vera pro and would like to make the switch to openhab2. I am running windows 10. I am stuck on the mios item generation. It looks like this does not work with windows.

My first question is - is this possible?
My second question is - is this worth it? or am I wasting my time. I really want to try out openhab2 and see if I am able to figure it out before I go out and create a dedicated system.


Hi, indeed, this tool: MiOS Item Generator is only for:
These scripts are intended to be run on a Linux, Unix or MacOS X system.

I am not sure if WSL will help here. Or a VM with a simple Linux host just to run the tool.

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Thanks I will try a vm and see if that works. Never worked in linux. Fingers crossed.

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