Newbiequestion BasicUI

Hey all,

first of all i wish everyone a happy new year :-).

I am very new to home automation and openhab. I have installed openhab2(Win2k08R2) and setted up a few things.

I am currently running a Z-Wave UZB1 Stick, a greenpower powerplug and a Philips HUE with 2 bulbs. Setting up the items wos no problem with oh2. Item linking with the device channels neither.

As you can see, oh2 setted up the basic ui with my items. Its working fine, but is there any chance to modify the actual basic ui anywhere in the system? e.g. rename the “Things” headline, change the icons, regroup and so on…

My problem is, that i am new to oh and i dont have any old config files, items files, sitemaps,… from oh1. So i am afraid that, if i want my own sitemap in oh2, i have to generate all these files and include them into the configuration directory from oh2. Is this correct behaviour or am i wrong in my thinking?

I mean, i did not have a problem of generating these files manually, but if this is necessary, is there a way to get the information of my already included items? id`s, bindings,etc…? because getting this informations is my weakness :slight_smile: and one of the reasons i want to work with oh2.

i am thankful of any comment/idea

best regards

you have to manually create a sitemap file. hopefully one day we will be able to create them via the web interface, but we arent there yet.

Is there a guide for doing that?

Hey Branden,

the sitemap file should be no problem, but is there a way to see the actual basicui source code anywhere in the system? That would help a lot for the configuration. Because, when i have to create all files by my own (bindings, scripts, things, items,…) i cannot see the benefit of using oh2 instead of oh1…


you dont have to create things, items, etc unless using 1.x bindings. you can link items, either create them yourself (expert mode), or let oh create them for you (simple mode), and link items to thing channels…only text you have to do is sitemap. i dont know about the basic ui source code, sorry.

official oh2 documents

Unfortunately the tutorial parts that seem most relevant are “This part is not yet written.”

i would use the search and look for sitemap…its pretty easy…or the oh1 documents as this has not changed from oh1.

OMG, i am so stupid :blush:
Finally i got it. I thought too complicated.


OK, knowing that the oh1 stuff is still valid for this is helpful. Thanks!

no problem. can do just like oh1, except that binding configs are a bit different for 1.x bindings.