Newly released(?) z-wave sensors not in openhab

Telldus has released Gen 5 Z-wave adapters at nice prices - but they are not supported by openhab as far as I can see. I’ve found their window/door sensor in the “pepper1 database”

What is the procedure when new units arrive - should I buy them and assist in getting them added to the Z-wave binding somehow or should I wait for it to be included…


Yes, please! openhab is community work, please jump in.
Get one, create the XML file needed (see here). It’s not too difficult as you can use existing device files as templates (sources are available on GitHub). Then submit it via GitHub (preferrably as a pull request, or if you don’t know how that works, raise an issue).

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Great - thanks for answering. I’ll order some stuff today!


You’re welcome. Remember you just submit new sources. To make your additions work for you, you need to install a version of the binding that was compiled (get the latest snapshot from Cloudbees after the submission was merged ).