News: Mycroft on raspberry pi: an open source Alexa

I felt it was worthwhile sharing this link…
Mycroft on raspberry pi: an open source Alexa
… some of the reasoning is interesting… and in line with OH thinking…


Interesting, but still tainted by the fundamental problem of current Voice Control Systems: “needs Internet Connection” and “depends on Cloud Service”. If it doesn’t work just because my DSL/Cable/etc. goes offline, IMHO it’s not suited for a reliable smarthome solution. In addition call me paranoid, but i just don’t like the thought of an open microphone transfering commands and random conversation parts into some Cloud ( f.e. read this: )
where they get stored for hell knows how long.
Don’t get me wrong, Voice control is way cool! For tests i had one set up (tasker/google stt) and it really rocks if you say “Jarvis…kitchen lights on” or “Jarvis…kitchen radio on” and it works. But because of the beformentioned reasons i stopped it. For TTS i have a local solution, and once i find a STT that runs locally i will hop on that train. But until then…nah, too creepy.


It does not send random conversation parts anywhere, until the wake word is said nothing is sent to the cloud. You can verify this with wireshark. However if your looking at simple commands without sending ANYTHING to the cloud, check out respeaker.

Thanks for the link, actually I stumbled across respeaker a while ago and that is definitely something I’ll look into once available. Even if data security/privacy could be 100% relied on (which can not), I would still prefer an offline solution.

I fully agree on cloud and associated risks… and latest developments in the US of A

“You have searched for information about the non-existing so called climate change, which is a felony according to presidential order 66”

With pocketSphinx it is… (offline)

This is only the beginning… this fascist Trump will throw the world back into the stone age or worse… well, this demonstrates the weakness of democracy… let the mob rule and it turns to sh!t.