Next-Gen rules / Time based / runs each second, should be once

i’m using next-gen rules and tried to use on a fixed time of a day.
the trigger gets triggered each second of the specified minute. i would like that the trigger runs once.
how do i have to configure that

trying with DateTime i get the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.joda.time.DateTime cannot be found by com.eclipsesource.jaxrs.publisher_5.3.1.201602281253

using this code in rule script:

// No library
var DateTime = Java.type(“org.joda.time.DateTime”);
var now = function() { return; };

Are you using PapetUI defined roles or text based?

Show your trigger definition, screen shot is fine if using PaperUI.

It’s as though you ought to be able to specify time as hh:mm:ss instead.

in the gui, the format is fixed to hh:mm

just two editable fields hh and mm

Until very recently this whole gui for this trigger was broken. If i remember correctly, the GUI only does hh:mm, but you can supply a hh:mm:as and it will work.

no i can’t, there is no input field

Under “Configurations” where you enter the time, just click on the field and type in 23:04:00 (or what ever second you want).

But it’s entirely possible this all changed. Like I said, until very recently the whole thing was completely broken.

Really, for all intents and purposes the PaperUI based Rules is not all that usable right now. It will be awesome when OH 3 comes out but for OH 2, it’s called “experimental” for a reason.

you can’t add seconds, it’s not possibe to add seconds to time