Next generation design: A Paper UI replacement proposal

(john) #223

Hi Dave
I started using the rules part of Paper UI yesterday and I have created several rules. Still being new to OH, I found it easy to create rules with just a few clicks of the mouse. Thank you!

John Frankforther

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(David Graeff) #224

The development branch is even more ahead.
I’m at a point where I need core bundles to support all the advanced features of this interface.

Unfortunately the entire openHAB core distribution is basically frozen until the migration to the new buildsystem is finished, so I can’t contribute my developed bundles.
That’s why I got involved in that process. And while I migrated the hue emulation service I thought it would be awesome to have Hue scene, rule, schedule support. And that’s what I’m doing at the moment.

So this project is definitely not forgotten, I just can’t distribute it without those missing core bundles.



(john) #225

That’s great as I just bought some HUE bulbs. Thank you!!
Really starting to get a handle on this.

John Frankforther


(Christian W) #226

Is it included in the docker “2.5.0-snapshot” images ?


(Rich Koshak) #227

The docker images are kept up to date with the daily snapshots.

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(Christian W) #228

Could not find it in the snapshot build. :sweat_smile:

Should the PaperUI NG be listed as a UserInterface to be installed from within the current PaperUI ?

Would like to try it and play with it :slight_smile:


(David Graeff) #229

It is not installable via paperui unfortunately.

Fortunately it also doesn’t need to be for being used. I’ll add a description later today.


MQTT bus events replacement for v2.4?
(Nico Bille) #230

Sounds great. Hoping to have some sparetime then to test it!


(Gosouth) #231

Old Textual modes with a UI front-end should be the way to go. I you remove the old textual mode then you are removing many OH users. Personally, I spent a few days clicking around to get the new MQTT 2.4 working, however I went back.

Think about Windows and Linux. In Linux you still can use the command and many scripts.

UI driven programming is good for newcomers without coding experience, but not if you have already ~100 items.

I do not want to stop upgrading, however if old textual configuration vanish, I will.


(David Graeff) #232

Wrong thread. And I don’t care about your opinion regarding textual config :wink:

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MQTT bus events replacement for v2.4?
(Gosouth) #233

ok, I will move from DavidHAB to OpenHAB thread.


(Jeff Haskel) #234

is there UI request " page " so we can see requested items/things that are good ideas or not pratcical etc

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(David Graeff) #235

You mean like a wish list and Todo list? Sure. Just use GitHub.