NFC support in OH3?


I’m running OH into a docker environment (snapshot M5+) and, as I moved from HA (ZWave stack of OH is much more reliable) I’m still learning but I’m afraid I’m missing some things with this change and I’m trying to see if I’m missing something.

One of those features of HA I use is the NFC support out of the box: you scan an NFC tag with your mobile and you can set some action to them.

Searching in this forum I can see some old posts, references to Tasker (which it seems it won’t cover iOS spectrum), some non-official bindings (which I’m not sure if they could work on OH 3) so… if you don’t mind, do you know about the current status of NFC tags support in OH3? I can’t see any NFC binding at but as I said, I don’t know if I missing something.

If there is no support right now, would you think it could be a good idea to raise a feature request? I guess OH guys are really focused in the OH3 official release so I assume this won’t have high priority but I’m not sure how is the better way to proceed on these stuffs… any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

What type of mobile? Searching turned up this.


Thank you @Bruce_Osborne: does it works on OH3? I’m afraid I don’t have Android mobile to test it but iOS one…

In fact I was sceptical about having NFC working in iOS on HA ( due to the well known closed-garden of Apple but it worked and I just wonder if there is a way to achieve that on OH3. If not right now, if it is on forecast at least, as I have plenty of those NFC tags around the house :smiley:

Since their reader is using Wi-Fi there may be an existing binding that could provide a good starting point.

I think in OH3. there may be a migration to using the Main UI on mobile devices instead of the current apps.

Here everybody are volunteers. A binding gets created because somebody who needs it makes it or somebody who needs it offers a bounty on bountysource to encourage a developer to make it.

So from openHAB’s perspective all it receives when you scan an NFC tag is an Item event, usually a command I would think. So 100% of the actual NFC stuff is processed in the phone app itself.

Given that, yes, NFC will work with OH 3 if the phone app itself supports NFC and OH 3.

I know the Android app supports it. I don’t know if the iOS app does. Both apps are well maintained so would expect it to support it.

I know that Yannick is actively working with mueller-ma to make sure MainUI works with the Android app. There are some things you just need to have the app for (notifications, the already mentioned NFC, etc.). I would be surprised if a similar effort is not going on for the iOS app but I don’t follow that repo’s issues and PRs.

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Thank you both @Bruce_Osborne @rlkoshak I’ll check iOS app. Right now it connects to my OH3 env put I think it is trying to get a Sitemap to work properly.
I’ll try to set one and see (although I didn’t see any NFC setting available)…

Hi. It is almost 2 years from last reply. We are facing the issue with lacks of using NFC tags via iPhones too. As The NFC tags are very usefull in home automation and iphone is widely used by end users this is very important thing to do.

Is there any workaround? Run the rule directly from NFC tag (which opens a blank web page) is not very good alternative also from secure point of view.

Feature request already opened:

Thank you for any ideas.