Nfc tag


I see in the documentation about openhab for android that action can be triggered by nfc. Can someone explain to me how we can achieve that?

I’m also wondering, is there a way to send command or signal to openhab client? For instance, I want my light to turn on at x brightness when my alarm rang, but I don’t want a rule in the server, I want something that is triggered from my phone so if I turn off my alarm, the light doesn’t turn on. It could also be a rule in the server that is triggered from an action from my alarm.

Thank you!

Do you know about Tasker? This app is to automate things (if this happens do that).

In question of nfc tags, you have to use the openHAB app. Just tap and hold the item you wish to control and a nfc menu should appear.
As I have no nfc tag nearby I’m not sure if you need additional software (if you use writable nfc tags you can save an url to the tag, so you don’t need to configure the actions on each device), but at least if using the serial number of the tag the action should work without any additional software.

I though tasker required root to work. I’ll have to check that. But, can we send a task directly to openhab from tasker? I’m not sure how to trigger action outside of openhab Gui ou Android app.

I use a pn532 and an esp8266 to disarm my alarm using NFC. Something you might wanna checkout.

There is a really helpful tutorial here.

As far as I know: No, not in general, but there are some jobs that can’t be done without root.

There are only a couple of things that Tasker can’t do without root and that list shrinks as time goes by. Neither my current nor previous phone are rooted yet I have all sorts of things automated with Tasker, including sending commands to OH. With Autovoice I even get voice control through Google Assistant.

I highly recommend Tasker for all OH users who use Android phones.

Thanks for all the input, I’ll check on tasker and see how it works with the tutorial.


Hello community,

What devices are used in this demo video [openHAB HABDroid NFC-Support Demo:] ?