NGD00Z-4 Garage Door Control with Secure Binding


I am running OH1.8.3 with the Z-Wave 1.9 binding with secure class support. I can control my Z-wave door locks without issue.

I received a NGD00Z-4 Garage Door controller for Christmas and joined it with my Z-Wave network via OpenHAB. No issues there, though the device is not reporting Neighbors.

I can’t figure out how to define the item type in my item file however. I’ve tried using the command=door_lock class, but I get the following log entry:

NODE 109: No command class found for item = Garage_MainOverhead_Control. Class = door_lock(DOOR_LOCK), endpoint = 0. Ignoring command.

Does anyone know how to set up the item file to work with this device?

Should be sensor_binary:

Same issue:

2016-12-26 20:18:53.984 WARN o.o.b.z.i.c.ZWaveConverterHandler[:417]- NODE 109: No command class found for item = Garage_MainOverhead_Control. Class = sensor_binary(SENSOR_BINARY), endpoint = 0. Ignoring command.

I am not certain support for this device has been fully added to the OH1 Z-Wave binding, even though the latest snapshots support secure pairing. @chris would you happen to know? I am actually working on converting to OH2, so if that will support it better just let me know.

@sihui just a comment that for secure devices the database might be wrong since most devices have probably been added without security in the binding. This will mean that the binding won’t know about secure classes, and therefore they won’t be in the XML…

The OH1 binding doesn’t have “support” for devices - other than to define the configuration parameters. The database is not required to make a device work in OH1.

I hope that OH2 security will work ok - I find it’s working very well here. I’ve had no problems including devices, or sending commands. I’ve never used the OH1 security so I don’t know how well that’s working to compare.

Thanks @chris. I will try OH2 in the next few days as I finish my migration away from OH1.

Note that OH2 doesn’t have security included yet, so this won’t help you here. I hope to get a test version out soon.

Good to know. I saw the configuration for the security key and assumed that meant the binding implemented it. I’ll wait on my conversion then, as having security in the binding is necessary for me now. Is there a thread, bug or feature request I can follow to know when OH2 has been updated?

There might come a day in the future where I understand all this … :grinning:


When devices start to play securely - the rules change. They don’t report all classes they support in the NIF (only the ones that can be used without security) and they report their secure classes using other (secure) methods. If you don’t securely include a device, then you don’t get to know what it can do…

To confuse things more, the NIF can change after a device is securely included as it might decide not to support some classes unsecurely…

Some devices won’t change too much, but locks (at least Yale) do next to nothing, and report few classes, until they are securely included.