Nibe ACVM 270-Em

Hi All,

I see you are cooperate The NIBE manufacturer of air heat pump (Luftwärmepume) is also supported?!
I’ve Nibe Model ACVM 270-Em with AMS 10. Can I openHAB for controll and setting?!
Has anyone experience with Nibe Model ACVM 270-Em?!

Have you tried the nibeheatpump binding? It was built for openHAB 1 but it ought to work in openHAB 2 as well.

Hi Watou,

I’m still in the preparation phase.

I plane to do it. The question is, if it is in princitple possible?! And is it worth investing?!

I saw the Nibe Binding
The binding woks with each model Nibe?!
I’ve no bindings experience because this is my first project.

Actually i select the hardware and the components for my home.

I wand to order/operate raspberryPi 3 (with Z-wave for IoT/Security and with GSM module)!
Which hardware do I need for connecting the NIBE with Raspberry?!
Do you have HowTo or like samething?!
What is your genaeral experience with NIBE? Is it worth the effort? Or is this to complex?

I am grateful for all sorts of informations.

Thx Marius

I don’t use the binding as I have no Nibe products. The wiki only mentions the F1145 and F1245 models and suggests the binding might work with other models, but I don’t know.

I am about to own a Daikin Altherma split heatpump system and there is a binding for Daikin heat pumps, but I purposely excluded the criterion of which bindings exist for the equipment, because choosing the right equipment for your heating needs is simply much more important than whether a binding does or does not exist for it.

I use the modbus bindning. My model is a Nibe 750. The binding works as a replacement for Check if your Nibe support Modbus 40.
Then it “shouldnt” be any problem get it to work.

good luck

Thanks Guys,

NIBE MODUS-40 too very expensive. I guess the cost are 700 €. This is too expensive and too many risks.


But instead of paying for a modbus-40 you get the same functionality with a ardunio with a simple rs485 circuit.
Then openhab with the nibe bindning can read the data from the arduino.


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Thanks Guys for yours support,

the rs485 is good option for me.


@kristoffer_c_johanss what arduino solution do you use?


this one:

I removed the NACK response since it will trigger a alarm on the Nibe.
That makes the solution more stable during power outage or similar.

I have used it for about 2 years so far.
Remeber that there was some issue with a comibnation of an old firmware of Nibe and parameters splitted into High/Low byte.

Are you using an Arduino or the native nibegw.c on a RaspberryPi?

Yesterday I tried the native “nibegw.c” on a RPI3 with a USB-RS485:

I disabled all UDP writes and run it in verbose mode (-v), I got a lot of checksum errors and tried to disable NACKS without any success, the Nibe F750 heat pump show modbus communication error.

My bad . I was previous reffering to the non Arduino code.

Correct code is

Ï use an Arduino Uno with Eterhnet shield. Faster boot time. Also I have some bad experience of failed SD card on Raspberry Pi after time.

Ok, i understand. What kind of RS485 sheild are you using?

I used a breadboard and a Maxim RS485…something similar to this.

I want to use Nibe F1145 with Arduino RS485. On my heatpump I do not have a modbus 40 hardware installed.
So can anyone tell me how the physical connection is made on my F1145 ?
How are the pins connected on which port on my NIBE ?

is that as in modbus 40 nibe documentation manual shown on the input card AA3-X4 ?
PIN10: B
PIN11: A
PIN12: 12V ?

On which PINs on the RS485 has this to be connected?


Does this also work:ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1512941996&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=Max485+arduino&dpPl=1&dpID=41ow8sWgYuL&ref=plSrch

I dont know. sorry for the late reply

I updated my last post with an electric circuit of the rs485 shield from arduino with amazon link to buy. maybe with this circuit anyone else can tell me if it is possible to use for NIBE F1145

My Nibe heatpump stopped responding properly. I have F1255.
I use Orange Pi. nibegw.c worked for a month or so without issues. Now I started to get a lot of checksum errors. Oscilloscope also shows some junk on the link. Like two devices are talking simultaneously. Can’t get rid of it. Replaced the cable, tried 2 other RS485 modules (One USB, two by connecting pins to uart ports.) No success. Any ideas?

@nonnos Did you managed to get rid of checksum errors on Raspberry?

Could anyone who actually uses this document/show how they actually physically realised this? I would like to do this as well, but need help on how to connect a Raspberry PI with the heatpump. Which connectors on the heatpump? What should go in between?

Basically what Klaus Schuster was asking…