Nibe and Fronius bindings stop working - on the same time every day

In the past days, openhab regularly lost connection to some things, namely fronius-things and nibe-things

The time services stop always seems to be between 21:15 to 21:45 (every day!), according to Influxdb-Entries.

I read the logs, but there seldom are entries. On some days I find something like this, on other days services stop working without log entries:

[hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'fronius:powerinverter:(...)' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR)
[hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'nibeuplink:(...)' changed from ONLINE: logged in to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Max requests queued per destination exceeded for HttpDestination[]@(...),pool=DuplexConnectionPool@

After rebooting the system everything works fine again. I now implemented a daily reboot rule but perhaps someone could help me out?

I am running openhab 2.5.2 on a raspi 3B. There were 3 major changes I introduced before these kind of problems started, and I can’t connect either of them to the problem:

  • Nibe binding didn’t work for some days (I did not get values in the official program “Nibe Upling” either), so I did a rooter reboot, and had to change some IP adresses afterwards. But problems started days or weeks later
  • I cloned my SD-card and started using the new one (wich in fact solved some other problems)
  • I added deconz binding and some xiaomi sensors

Perhaps an issue with DHCP assigning a new IP address? Try making the IP static/reserved in your router and see if that helps.