Nibe Heatpump binding for SMO40

I tried to install the Nibe Heatpump binding on openHAB. The installation otherwise went ok and I could establish contact between the SMO40 and the RaspberryPi4 that I run the openhabian on. But for some reason and despite what is said in the documentation there was a choice of models only from the F1X45 and F1X55 plus F470 and F750. But not the SMO40 that I would have needed.

Contact was established with choice of F1X55 serial connection so technically it worked but the modbus registers of course differ a lot between those two.

Anybody out there that has installed properly with SMO40 and could tell me what is wrong? Is this due to an update or something or has the SMO40 never really been included?

Many thanks in advance,