Nibe SMO S40 heat pump controller and Modbus over TCP

I know that the official Nibe bindings don’t work with the new myuplink API but I noticed the S40 controller has Modbus TCP built in, has anyone tried this? I’ve had ago with no luck but I think this is potentially down to a lack of knowledge with Modbus…

General advice - if you want to have a go and experiment, first play with a third party Modbus tool like Modbus Poll or Radzio. Much more convenient for trial and error. When you know what you are trying to do, transfer to openHAB config.

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Hey i have exactly the same problem.
My plan was to use the USB RS485 adapter on an Raspberry Pi and publish the input via mqtt so that my smartHome System can use the data.
With this Project i am at the very first beginning.
I found the ID codes here: here
I Also found This project here
It could be very interesting but i dont know how to transfer this project on my Raspberrypi B
Actually i dont know where to connect the modbus cable at the SMO S40. I did not found any infos where to connect the cable at the Platin.