Nibe uplink switch temporary luxury permanently on

Hey all,

This is actually not an openhab issue, but since some of you use nibe uplink, I hope you may help me.

Since today, nibe uplink put temporary luxury value to “one time increase”. If I switch to “off” it shows me some seconds later again “one time increase”. It does not change the state off the heat pump for some reason. But some of my openhab automation has some problems now.

I know, that this behaviour is not triggert by my openhab because it still the same when I stop my openhab service.

Does anyone sees something similar with his/her nibe uplink service?

I’ve had issues with nibe uplink the last couple of days (running my own implementation to get data, outside of openhab), the values don’t update. The compressor in my heatpump for example appears to run for hours, when in reality it’s off most of the time.

It’s the same problem when you look at the values on however, so it seems to be some error on their end.

Same here. Chart at are all correct but value in the overview are freezed for hours. Even so commands sent by the app or api stay the same for long time.

I talk to german nibe support. The guy told me, that it sound like server problem in Sweden. I should wait for 2-3 days and then call again if the problem still exists.

Here the answer from Sweden:

Hej Valentin och tack för ditt mejl till NIBE Uplink.

We have had some disruptions to the service for a couples of days the most facilities are now online again, however, in some specific cases, a reboot of both heat pump and router may be required so that a communication can be resumed.

There may also be some minor disruptions to the service that make all functions not work properly, in turn it does not affect the operation of your heat pump, but only the service NIBE Uplink is affected, we have to apologize for it and our technicians works too fully so that it should be fixed soon.