Nikobus error binding a Push Button

I’m trying to bind a push Button In OpenHAB (PAPER IU) but it keeps giving error’s.
The nikobus software address of the button is: 1BE7A2
In the field “impacted Modules” I wrote: 4BC0-7.
“4BC0” is the address of my switch module.
The status of the Push Button:
Status: OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR UID must have at least 3 segments.
Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

What version of openHAB?
What binding?
What Thing and Item configuration?

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I’m using OpenHAB 2
binding : Nikobus Binding 2.5.0
thing: A single push buton

OH 2 ??

Is that 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, ect…?

As per doc, it needs to be in the form

impactedModules = "<moduleType>:<moduleId>:<channelGroup>

moduleId in v2 binding is referenced by id and not by address. Also for 4BC0-7, what does 7 stands for? channelGroup can only be 1 or 2 …

H102 => Version OH is 2.5.0

crnjan => the 7 in 4BC0-7 stand for number 7 of my 0-12 switch ports
but I guess it does not work that way.

now I changed the push button to:
Address: #N9179F6 (obtained it from log)
Impacted Modules: switch-module:f73ee03e:2
Now the status is : UNKNOWN

Buttons will have UNKNOWN status until one presses the actual/physical button - that will cause button to send its address via the nikobus installation and that will be detected by the binding - making the button thing online - makes sense?


Sorry for the late response.

In fact I don’t use button things.

In the beginning I tried to program all buttons in openhab, but this is not necessary.

You only have to program the switching modules and dimmer modules and any other modules in openhab.

Then you can address all outputs with virtual buttons in openhab.

My installation still works very well, I can now operate everything from my mobile phone no matter where I am.

If you still need help, you can always contact me.