Nissan Leaf integration in Openhab2

Hello hive mind!

Not shure where to put this, so I’ll leave it here: One of my fav automations is the connection to Nissan’s (horrible) api to get status for our Nissan Leaf as well as to start climate control, charging etc. The common solution for this has been “Pycarwings2” and MQTT. As of mid 2019 the api end point (and possibly the api too) has changed and there have been zero updates to the lib.

Does anyone know of a live solution still being developed for this? Or at least one that currently works…?




have you been able to connect your Leaf to OpenhAB in the meantime?
I just wanted to point out that there is an up-to-date, working version of pycarwings2 here:

I just tested the example and it works. Now I’ll try to go on from that…))


Thanks for the tip, and no - I never got it to work. Unfortunately I returned the car (leasing) earlier this week! :laughing:

I will retain this link in case of getting another one though. Loved that car. But can’t really defend having a second car during the pandemic.

Thanks again, though!


I see :smile: Btw, in the meantime I managed to get the Python2 version of pycarwings2 running on my openhabian (by manually doing the changes of the Python3 version linked above in the Python2 version). And it seems that leaf-python-mqtt is successfully feeding the data into Moquette. Now I just need to find out how to access the data in OpenHAB )))