No access to openhab:8080 by wifi

I am running openhabian on resp pi 4 for a month and everything is going well.
Yesterday I had electricity break down to all of my house and after the power came back I could not access anymore to openhab:8080 by wifi.
I can access only by IP.
From my pc (connected by Lan) I can access the openhab:8080.
Does anyone knows what should I do to have access again from wifi? Does the problem can be in the router?
In addition the ip of the OH is not static. Is there a guide to set the OH address to be static?

Thanks in advanced,

Sounds like you need to go into router setting and set a reserved address for OH after you find what the new IP is.

From a linux box you can use:
sudo arp-scan --interface=wlp12s0 --localnet

to scan the network and show all devices. Just change the wlp12s0 part to match your machine.

On a related note, if you’re not already running a UPS, it’s a good idea to do so. Sudden power cuts can corrupt your SD card.

Adding to @H102’s comment, I set static IP addresses on my router for all of the WiFi devices that I have attached to OH. At the very least, I’d recommend doing that for your RPi so that you always know where to find it on your network.

Hi @H102
I don’t have an option on my router to set reserved addresses.
I don’t understand why is it stopped working. What could have changed that openhab:8080 is not accessible anymore?

Another thing that I found - from a laptop I can access by wifi to openhab:8080.
I cannot do it only from android devices.

From the Android device try with the OH servers IP address e.g.

If that works then you can bookmark it and access OH from there or maybe try doing a reset on your router to get DHCP to work properly.

Problem solved after factory reset to my router …
Probably some definition blocked that option.

Thanks @H102

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