No access to USB with openhab on Ubuntu Core, Raspberry Pi3

Hi there,

I am using openhab as a snap on my Raspberry Pi3 with Ubuntu Core. I am quite successful with setting it up but currently struggling with the access to the USB port.

The openhab snap has a plug openhab:serial-port but Ubuntu Core does not offer the slot serial-port. I wonder if the snap can not be changes such that is provides the plug “raw-usb”. This is available in the core-snap and - as far as I read the documentation - this allows access to the USB ports.

Is this a feasible option to solve the access to my z-wave USB stick to connect to my z-wave compatible hardware?

As you seem to have found out yourself meanwhile, the USB port access is currently an open issue in Ubuntu Core. I hope @r2geo can at least guide the way to a workaround.


thanks for the feedback. A workaround would also be great. I know that there are some rough edges in Ubuntu Core and that the USB access is one of these rough edges.

I addressed this issue also in the Ubuntu Rocket Chat group. Maybe this helps in getting some more attention.

I has been using Ubuntu Core with OpenHab 2 and now 3.0.1 in a Raspberry Pi3 with access to serial ports for Zigbee and Z-Wave without problem until now.
Initial installation was done via Ubuntu OpenHab appliance.

The snap auto updates from 2.x to 3.x automatically (there is no channel available to control version). But it worked without problem for some time in 3.0.1.

Then, at some point in time, it finish working. I show AppArmor error accesing serial ports. I’m not understand well why it worked for some time. The only thing I tried to fix the error was to remove and add the snap (mantaining the old snap configuration between installs).

I don’t understand well if the problem is from openhab, from any ubuntu-core update, or whatelse…

Can someone give me some light?
May be I have to configure some connector?

I has been researching about ACL in ubuntu-core, snaps and openhab snap and system permissions, but it is not clear.

Thank you