No BLE events for xiaomi mijia thermometer

Trying to develop a binding for Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer with a custom “pvvx” firmware (GitHub - pvvx/ATC_MiThermometer: Custom firmware for the Xiaomi Thermometers and Telink Flasher via USB to Serial converter). Using python “gatt” module and its “gattctl --discover” I do get the device discovered/listed. Also btmon sees some events from the device’s MAC address.
When trying to add the device as a simple “beacon” in openhab by doing a scan on the bluetooth adapter, it is not listed. Also when I add my custom handler to openhab for the device (with a manually entered MAC address) - subclass of BeaconBluetoothHandler - I do not get any events, i.e onScanRecordReceived never gets called.
When I enable TRACE logging on the bluetooth binding, none of the entries in the log relates to the device.

I’m out of ideas what could be the problem - any ideas/advice?

for reference, btmon events for the device:

> HCI Event: LE Meta Event (0x3e) plen 29                  #23 [hci0] 12.394343
      LE Advertising Report (0x02)
        Num reports: 1
        Event type: Connectable undirected - ADV_IND (0x00)
        Address type: Public (0x00)
        Address: A4:C1:38:AE:1F:F7 (Telink Semiconductor (Taipei) Co. Ltd.)
        Data length: 17
        Service Data (UUID 0x181a): a4c138ae1ff700d9215d0bdee5
        RSSI: -40 dBm (0xd8)
@ MGMT Event: Device Found (0x0012) plen 31           {0x0001} [hci0] 12.478082
        LE Address: A4:C1:38:AE:1F:F7 (Telink Semiconductor (Taipei) Co. Ltd.)
        RSSI: -40 dBm (0xd8)
        Flags: 0x00000000
        Data length: 17
        Service Data (UUID 0x181a): a4c138ae1ff700d9215d0bdee5

This is not directly answering your question but may answer your need, Theengs Gateway

decode the pvvx sensors and publish the data to mqtt. Also I’m not sure if we can add a mqtt program like this one as a binding, I think it can be interesting.

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Nice project, that theengs gateway, but I really was looking to add this functionality into openhab directly.

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