No Blinding for Homekit

I found out Home Assistant have both way but Openhab have only one way
I don`t understand why no one develop of Homekit Blinding for Openhab
if Home Assistant can do Openhab can do that too

this is correct, openHAB has only one way. main reason - missing volunteers to develop.
technically it is of course possible.

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As @yfre already said, openHAB development is based on volunteers.
Home Assistant is backed up (or even driven) by a company, so they have completely other options.

I’m a mostly happy user of the OH/Homekit binding. While I would appreciate the binding being 2 way, I MUCH rather that the effort of our volunteers go toward implementing an OH binding as a Matter controller.

A 2 way Homekit binding is backward facing solution, a Matter controller would give as just as much functionality and align OH with the future.


Did you see this ?

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I would like able use Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 via homekit to OH I don`t have apple tv or homepod but i have ipad.

Ipad won`t let use autmation in order get working i would need one of apple produce or Home Assistant but I want Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 direct with via homekit to OH not another hub I would be great if you willing developer of homekit Blinding and i willing testing if you provide me .jar

I don`t know lot about computer programming language i know very little bit like .rules, items, and .things that all basic i know

I don`t want switch from OH to Home Assistant because sent lot time to building of smart home

I would say that they are two separate things. You might as well say abandon effort around Zigbee/Z-Wave/HomeKit/Google/Alexa too as they are “backwards facing”. Matter is immature, full of bugs with some providers (I’m looking at you Google), has relatively few decent bits of hardware, only works with am certain types of devices categories (hopefully this will expand) and often provides reduced functionality versus connecting via eg HomeKit (sometimes VERY reduced functionality).
That said I am looking forward to Matter integration, as the last few months have bought some decent devices to the market, although they are a tiny fraction of what is already available for the big tech. companies standards.
HomeKit integration the other way would bring some big advantages for the wealth of devices out there.

Maybe review this video

I don’t think you can achieve this as things stand today

IF you have a homepod or AppleTV, there are some hacky ways of doing this today. Without, you are out of luck