No configuration parameters or assotiation groups in Habmin for z-wave device but are defined in zwave database


First of all I would like to thank all volunteers on this forum helping new users like me configure their smart home, these forums really help getting us on the right track.
Regarding my problem, I current have Openhab 2.5 running on a raspberry pi 3 with openhabian and zwave binding version 2.5.
In this zwave network I have three fibaro dimmer 2 devices online.
These are linked to the fibaro dimmer 2 (version 3.5 or up) in the zwave database where the associations groups and parameters settings are defined.

However in paper UI or Habmin 2 the configuration parameters and association groups are not shown and therefore I cant change them. This can also been seen in above image (sorry for the dutch but the options are ‘description, properties, channels and attributes’ ).

Thanks in advance,

Delete the Thing and readd it (dont’ exclude!)

Hi Sihui,

I already excluded and reincluded the devices (edit: meant removed and readded the thing), I even reset my complete network and re-add and re-include everything following the correct steps defined on this forum as well.
In the meantime I also tried stopping openhab, clearing the cache and tmp folders and I restarted the raspberry a couple of times already.

Then you need to start basic troubleshooting:

Excluding the device and deleting the Thing are 2 totally different things.
Sometimes excluding and re-including a device can cause zombie nodes on the network resulting in slowness or routing issues.

sorry for the confusion, I meant I first tried deleting en readding the devices in openhab, however as I have some challenges with another zwave device (battery powered) which seem to lose its node number when battery dies I had to start over with my network numbering anyway so I also excluded these devices and reincluded them.

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I really can’t figure out what is going on so I still hope there is someone that can help me here.

I finally got it working, I still don’t know what the actual issue was but with the following steps I got it to work.

  1. Remove all zwave things including controller
  2. Uninstall and reinstall zwave binding through Habmin (otherwise Habmin didnt find any zwave devices in the network)
  3. Include controller again through Paper UI (Habmin couldnt find the controller)
  4. Include all zwave things through Habmin

Hope this helps others fighting the same problem.


If you discover Z-Wave nodes that actually do not exist you may have zombie nodes that need to be removed from the controller network memory. Sometimes devices try routing through zombie nodes to reach the controller, causing network issues.