No configuration parameters or assotiation groups in Habmin for z-wave device

I have bought some Z-wave Rollershutter control relay - Model Düwi 05436 (ZME_05436) and have some problem in Habmin:
I can not access any Configuration parameters or association groups of
this relay - the sections are empty. See attached screenshot.

There is a strange thing, that relay is recognized as 064367, while the
label suggests different type. In principle it’s the same, but might
cause a problem.
The version of Habmin is 0.1.3-snapshot. The version of Z-Wave Binding is 1.8.2.
I need to change open and close times in order to control Shutter position correctly, but I can not do this due to this problem.
Any hints? OR is it possible to change relay configuration outside Habmin?

I tried to set up a parameter Item using:
Dimmer Shutter_Shlafen_Close_Time “Closing time [%d]” (GF_Bedroom) {zwave=“7:command=configuration,parameter=4”}

But when I update item state, Z-wave log reports: [ERROR] [.c.ZWaveConfigurationConverter:151 ]- NODE 7: Device has no parameter 4.

So there is no possibility to change parameter without Habmin.

i have a similiar Rollershutter and the following works for me outside habmin in the item file.

Rollershutter ShutterEGRechts “Rollladen Wohnen >” {zwave=“6:command=switch_multilevel”}

I can control this rollershutter, as you did. This is not a problem. The problem is that it has a function to setup procentual position, based on opening/closing time, and this is working incorrect, since now those times are at default values.
Due to gravity, this results for example in my case, that when I close the rollers not fully, they don’t open fully anymore.

I just need to change parameters 3 and 4, but can’t!

It looks like the device is not fully completed in the database:

There are no config parameteres defined, therefore habmin cannot change them …

There are parameters available:
But for some reasons manual in database is written in strange way…

i have added configuration parameters to

Thanks. I note that the device apparently supports the association class - do you have any information on what groups are supported?

i haved added the association class, should be same as

Thanks. I’ll do an export of the database tonight…