No connection with habdroid, when in vpn to my home

i have a VPN from my parents home to my home. If i am at my parents house and connected to their wlan, habdroid can´t connect to my openhab server.

If i disconnect wlan and use mobile network, i can connect (with my.openhab).

Same behaviour on my workplace. VPN from work to home and no connection while in wlan of my work. If i connect to wlan of the neigbour (no vpn to my home), i can connect to my home.

Can someone help me? I think there is a bug with changing which connection habdroid should use - lokal connection or my.openhab while in a vpn network.

When i´m at my work or at my parents house, i can connect to the webfrontend of the openhab-server with a notebook without problems.

I think, habdroid doesn´t use direct connection when in a vpn. It still tries my.openhab and that doesn´t work when in local or vpn network?

What are you using for VPN? Can you get to any other of your home machines on your phone when connected over VPN, for example, ssh (I use JuiceSSH)?

I’ll be honest, I only know enough about this stuff to be dangerous, primarily through lessons learned from setting up openVPN.

Ipsec vpn

Fritzbox Router at Home and at my parents, Linux firewall at my work.

I can connect to web frontend when at vpn location. All is working, only habdroid sucks.

I’m using ipfire with ipsec vpn, habdroid does work, but I had to change the default dns in vpn configuration at my phone (maybe configuration issue in ipsec, should be autoconfig). Even the weather widget works as expected.

I don´t use vpn connection of my phone. My phone is in the wlan at my parents house. The router of my parents is making the vpn to my home.

When i use the vpn client in my phone, everything works.

I think, habdroid is thinking, the ip adress range of my parents router is not the same as at home and so it changes to my.openhab. But with my.openhab it is not working too. If i change to wlan of the neighbour, my.openhab works. Also if i disable wlan and use mobile network, my.openhab works.

Ah. You did connect both LAN over vpn. can you ping your openHAB from phone? Maybe the route is missing.

I can connect to the web frontend from phone. Rotini is working also. Only habdroid is not working.

Is there any progess with this issue?

Can someone test this with OH2?

I have the same issue…

@halloween Do you still have these issues?
@BigCol Can you give us some information about your vpn and your app configuration?

Here’s the URL

I can get the the webpage but cannot get a connection using the app.

Did you enter the the URL as local or remote connection?

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I added it as a local connection.

I didn’t even think to add it to the remote connection, but know I have it works!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you. have saved my Sunday =)