No devices registered with my.openHAB and no events shown

New install of openHAB2 offline snapshot from yesterday(April 5, 2016)

I have my.openHAB connected(misc-myopenhab - 2.0.0.SNAPSHOT), I can see ITEMS being updated and also see them in IFTTT but I do not see and events or notifications except for: Today at 8:58 AM openHAB is online.

IFTTT events do not get triggered.

Under devices I see:
“You currently have no devices registered with my.openHAB.”

I have a myopenhab.persist file setup with these rules (for now):
Strategies {
default = everyChange
Items {
* : strategy = everyChange

Not sure what else to check and this only my 2nd day using openHAB so I apologize if I missed something simple. was just down for a bit and when it came back everythign started working!