No display of Locations Equipment and Properties Cards

I’ve got a situation where nothing is displayed (no cards, just a black screen) on the Locations, Equipment and Properties tabs of the Home page. I’ve made a semantic model and if I try to edit those individual tab pages I can see a listing of my model items and can edit the properties of each card. Not sure why they aren’t displaying “automagically”. Thoughts?

I don’t think there is much we can offer to help. I recommend opening an issue at the openhab-webui repo. When you create an but issue the form will provide lots of questions for additional information and how to acquire it including logs from the browser’s console, logs from the server, and how to capture an animated gif of what you are doing and seeing.

I finally figured it out. I was under the assumption that if you create a bare location in the model (containing no child items) that a blank location card would appear, which is not the case. It turns out that even though I had a semantic model with locations, and items (with semantic point classes), OpenHAB requires a sematic property for each item (which I was missing) in order for the cards to be displayed. This was not apparent from the documentation.

Thank you for that post. I scratched my head as well. I also made a location only containing Items with Semantic Class: Point and Semantic Property: None. No card showed up. When settings a Semantic Property the card and that Item showed up in the card. My solution was to put all those Items in an Equipment Group. Then all of them showed up. But it seems like a bit weird behaviour.

The Cards on the location tab will show Equipment or Properties. A Point without a Property tag isn’t a Property so unless it belongs to an Equipment it won’t be shown. That’s why the tab on the Location card is called “Properties” and not “Points”. Similarly, a Point without a Property will not appear on the Properties tab. And a Point not belonging to an Equipment won’t appear on the Equipment tab.

Thus, a Point lacking a Property tag that is not a member of an Equipment Group will not appear anywhere in the automatically generated cards. It’s the Property tag that controls where and whether a Point appears when that Point isn’t a part of an Equipment.

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