No expire binding. OH 3


I’ve made the jump to OH3 using the Openhabian install. Due to a corrupted card I had to do a clean install and transfer my config files into OH3. My root backup didn’t work properly…

I see that the Expire binding is no longer supported in OH3. This was a very useful binding and a real hinderance not existing anymore.

In more searches I’ve found the github thread tracking openHAB 1 addons compatibility. On this page the Expire binding is noted as “Added as core framework feature”. Am I right in thinking this is now a built in feature of OH3? Does anyone know how to use it? Is there documentation?

Many thanks.

Yes, it’s a core feature. You use it exactly the same way as you did before - no need to change your Item configurations.

Here’s the section of relevance:


This is awesome news. I didn’t realise it was that simple. When I built my system I spent a lot of time reading the items documentation you linked but didn’t think to look back there since the OH3 release. Great advice.
Many thanks.

Just curious. Is there another place that would have been more intuitive? I believe it was mentioned in the Release Notes too.

No, not at all. I was in the mind state of having already read the items page. It just didn’t click that this page would have been updated with the release of OH3. This is my own ignorance, not the developers.

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I wonder if we should add a note to the v2 Expire Binding page to say that it’s been integrated into core in OH3? That way, anyone who Googles for “Expire binding” will know that it’s outdated. Right now, that’s not obvious.

You can try submitting a PR but I doubt they will change the v2 doc oage

Yeah, I clicked the “Edit this page on GitHub” button and got a 404 error.

@rlkoshak, would it be possible for you to add a note on the archived Expire Binding page saying that it’s no longer needed in OH3? Probably not a big deal, but I feel like it’ll prevent some confusion when people migrate.

The 2.5 docs are fixed and there really is no way to change them without a whole lot of pain I think, especially for an add-on.