No files in openhab-conf folder

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I have an openhab3 installation (updated last week to latest) and was creating clickable rules via browser.

I want to create more flexible and powerful rules (since I’m a programmer), so I installed the VS Code Plugin and configured it. I can see all items and things.
But when I check the network folder openhab-conf, there are no files, only the emtpy folder structure (with readme files). Are the elements (rules, items, things) created in the browser UI not stored to this folder and vice versa?

This seems a huge problem, since when I have a rule created in VS Code, I also want to see it in the browser. There can be a flag for custom rule, so it’s not editable, but I need to see and enable/disable it.

Is there a great tutorial (maybe even video) that does cover all aspects of the VS Code plugin and does also give more technical insights?

Everything configured via UI ist stored in a JSONDB, which is not editable at runtime.
You can create your rules via VSC and save them to /rules folder. The UI marks them with a lock, indicating they are not editable via UI. If you select such a rule in the UI, you will see two options at the bottom : remove and enable/disable…

Great, so I can use UI rules and coded rules at the same time?
Because the introduction manual tells you, you have to choose between file based and ui driven.

You can use both at the same time. I am using two textual and several UI created rules myself.

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