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In order to automatically read out my energy meter, I flashed Tasmota with SML support. So there are three values that a pushed via MQTT (with examples):

power: 322
count_neg: 18.255
count_pos: 50.714

(“50.714” indicates, that 50714 Wh where used).
These values are pushed as a JSON-string and I was able to extract those three counts and assigned them to three items:
power => number:power
count_neg / count_pos: number:energy

Power is absolutey fine, so I’m getting a chart out of it like this:

But the other both are just empty. What I added is a pattern (%.3f kWh) in state description. So basically looks like this, which is fine…

But then, when I click the number, the chart is just empty

What am I doing wrong?

I’m running OH3.2 in a Docker container on a Raspi4 (4 GB) with mysql persistance.

I have the same issue, that for some items the chart is not working as expected.

There are two workarounds:

  1. Within the item analyzer you need to change from dynamic to fixed timeframe, from time to combined coordinates and from 1 dimension to 2 dimensions

  2. you can create a custom chart on a page

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Finally solved it:
The problem was, that I defined the underlying MQTT-channels as string. Now, with number, it’s fine.

Thanks anyway for your answer!