No homekit binding with AppleTV and tvOS 15 (BETA)


I can’t finish the binding with openHAB 3.1 neither nor openHAB 3.2.

I always get the message from Homekit :“This device is not currently supported by the Homekit app.”

With my AppleTV (4k version) I can’t go back to tvOS14.x.

Is this circumstance known? Any idee how to fix this?


Hi Maximilian

what you are trying to achieve? can you see your device in home app on iphone? was it working before upgrade to tvos15?

Hi Eugen,

I’ve just started with openHAB 3. My AppleTV was already on tvOS15 (beta).

In openHAB3 I have started with a basic room design / plan. The integration of Hue, AVM Fritz and Ikea hub works fine but only in openHAB3.

But I can’t see any of these devices in Homekit on my iPhone/iPad.
With the actual version of Home Assistant I have access via HomeKit / iPhone to all my devices. So it is possible to connect to all my devices.

Philips Hue and Ikea TRÅDFRI works fine native with HomeKit. But AVM Fritz needs a binding to work with HomeKit.

In HomeKit I love the coming home / leaving home functionality. In openHAB 3 I love the total scope of possibilities.


if you dont see any device on your iphone then the issue is probably not tvOS 15.
i would suggest to check the configuration and maybe start with a simple light and tagged with homekit meta data. and once iphone is paired and show this one light, add further devices to homekit.

there is also known issue that Color Temperature is not working, so, dont include it.

@mgroeger just wanted to let you know: a fix for color temperature issue was submitted. so, with next release homekit binding will support color temperature.