No Iconset in openhabian


this is my first community help post.
When i want to add a icon to an item like
"Switch ItemName “ItemNiceName” <icon_for_my_item> { … }"

So, in the directory “…/openhab2-conf/icons/classic/” is empty.

I found in this text “” a link for
flat icons

These Icons are only download able separately - not in a whole.
I use the openhabian distribution.

On an other webspace i found this iconset for openhab
colorful and more 3D Icons like

Where can i download these one?


Hello @xtremdiver and welcome to the community.
You don’t have to do anything. These “classic icons” are preexistent in the openHAB core files. You can simply use them! :wink:

Let’s say you want to add the “alarm” siren icon from the classic set, simply define your item as follows:

Switch ItemName "ItemNiceName" <alarm> { ... }

Hello @ThomDietrich tank you for your hint.
it works very well with the classic iconset.

How do I get the 3D icons integrated?
like this

If with ‘integration’ you mean ‘adding’ Well just add them to the config/icons/classic folder… but ofcourse that only can be done if you have all those icons as separate files.
I do not know the source of that picture, but I presume you need to do some digging where they came from.
If you cannot find the source files, ofcourse you can always cut the icons out of that one picture and safe them separately, but that is considerable more work


thanks @Kees_van_Gelder, I know that you can put icons in the folder manually.
however, I would like use the 3D icons and not the standard icons.
Is there officially 3D icons downloadable?


Just wanted to be complete.
I have only seen the 3D set in one picture, never separate, although someone must have them
So if you really really want them, can always cut them out, but that is a lot of work.
Now I know the link I am going to give you doesnt have 3D icons, but they do contain a lot of interesting icons. Found this through Thom, so maybe you have it already.
and ofcourse there is this one, maybe if interest for you or someone else

There are no other official openHAB icon sets as far as I know. There was one published by one community member recently, can’t find it right now. If someone knows, please add a link.

The way you normally add your own icons to your setup is by simply copying them into the icons folder as @Kees_van_Gelder said. See my example here to get an idea: Speedtest-cli Internet Up-/Downlink Measurement Integration

I didnt check it yet but here is an openhab user sharing all his files including icons:`

You are probably looking for this:

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so i added new icons in the directory “…/openhab2-conf/icons/classic/” from @Kees_van_Gelder post from link

in the items file, i try different kind of


Switch Licht_Command "Licht" <"selfLight"> {...mqtt...}
Switch Licht_Command "Licht" <selfLight> {...mqtt...}
Switch Licht_Command "Licht" <"selfLight.png"> {...mqtt...}
Switch Licht_Command "Licht" <selfLight.png> {...mqtt...}

No matter what I do, the result is always the same.
The desired icon is not displayed.

the picture link is http://my_openhab_ip_address:8080/icon/selfLight?state=OFF&format=svg

Unfortunately the description, which @ThomDietrich has pointed to, does not work with me.
Does anyone have an idea why not?

Try changing the format from svg to png.

But I don’t know if you have to change the format globally.

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I tested it. Setup svg or png is in Paper UI -> Configuration -> Services -> Configure Basic UI -> Icon Format from Vector (svg) to Bitmap (png).
or via config file “/var/lib/openhab2/etc/org.eclipse.smarthome.basicui.cfg” -> iconType

Unfortunately with the same bad result

“The images must be in .png or .svg format, and have a name with only small letters and a hyphen or underscore (if required).”

:wink: Good luck

make them
selflight.png, selflight-off.png and selflight-on.png


@ThomDietrich @Kees_van_Gelder
Thanks for your support. It works.
It is very misleading to rely on an example of someone else and it does not work.

Therefore, I would like to summarize the use of external icons.

Storage location for your own icons: / etc / openhab2 / icons / classic [Linux]

Nomenclature of icons:

  • only small letters
  • for vectors icons the file transmission must be “.svg" and for bitmaps with ".png”
  • Separation between name and status in the filename with “-” or “_”

Setting in OpenHab2 whether bitmap (.png) or vector (.svg) under Paper UI -> Configuration -> Services -> Configure Basic UI -> Icon Format

The assignment of the icon to the item can be done as

Switch myItemName "myItemNiceName" <iconname> { .. xxx ...}

or so

Switch myItemName "myItemNiceName" <"iconname"> { .. xxx ...}

or so

Switch myItemName "myItemNiceName" <"iconname.png"> { .. xxx ...}

This Topic can be closed.
Thanks a lot
best regards


apologies, I had not seen you in fact already answered it