No .items files

Any idea why I can’t find any .items files in my file system?
I suppose this is /volume1/@appstore/openHAB2, right?
I have added a few things and items using the UI and they are working.

*.items files (stored in `/etc/openhab2/items/ sub-directory) are only used when you want to manually define your items.

If you use PaperUI to automatically create them (with Simple Mode enabled in Item Linking) or manually create them via Paper UI, the configs are stored in the JsonDB (directory: /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb).
By the way: Normally, you shouldn’t modify the files within the JsonDB directory since you can make all the changes that you need via PaperUI.

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Items that you create using the UI doesn’t create any .item files, they’re stored in a jsondb database. There are two types of items, the ones you create using files and the ones you create using UI. Both work but they are stored on different places, so you must continue to edit them using the same method you used to create them.

Doh, @Dim beat me to it :slight_smile: