No Items found on OH3 installed in Docker

Hello everyone!

I must say at first that I am novice to this environment, no coding skills, so thanks for your understanding and patients.

I just installed the HO3 (3.4.1) image in Docker on my Qnap.
Everything went fine with the installation, I added the bindings for the few devices I have on my network, but no Thing is showing up in the inbox, even if I search for them. I used the same bindings previously when I tried OH in a different environment (not Docker) and many Things appeared and I could even use them for different functions for testing.
So, I suppose now Items don’t show up due to the Docker environment being „hidden” from the rest of the network?
How to tackle this?
Thanks alot,

I solve it by setting the network access type to Bridge and through a virtual switch to the Qnap network interface.

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